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We understand that finding a dependable plumber is yet another unpleasant aspect of what might be an already messy debacle. Staunch and Flow aims to be exactly the solution you need. Our engineers pay particular attention to an aspect to which other plumbing services notoriously pay no heed: the details.

Of course, the most important detail is re-establishing proper flow; when it comes to that, the Staunch and Flow team is the best in the industry. All our highly skilled plumbing and heating engineers have received advanced training, are Gas Safe (was Corgi) registered, and are guaranteed to be experienced, able, and efficient. You can be confident that the Staunch and Flow engineer who shows up at your door will understand the issues (and be able to explain them), work out what needs to be done to solve your problem(s) and do the job quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

And we don’t just do plumbing and heating – we specialise in refitting and refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms, can do electrical, tiling, decorating and all building work, and we have a trained architectural technologist and interior designer on our team ready to work with you on anything from creating a new shower to refitting an entire home.

Our pricing is simple for straightforward works and based on an hourly rate – there’s no call-out charge – and we’ll provide a prompt estimate for any additional works that might be required. For more complicated jobs, we’ll want to come and see the site and discuss with you what’s required before providing a detailed estimate.

We’ve worked hard to become fully professionally-accredited and members of many of the consumer-focused trades schemes so that you – our clients – can be at their ease, knowing that, once you’ve made a call to Staunch and Flow, you can leave us to take care of the issues – and deal with the details for you too.



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