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Save Water In The Garden

It’s time to ensure that your garden tap is completely switched off and not leaking.

. Make a visit to your local plumbing merchant and get a roll of PTFE tape and some insulation.  Wrap the tape around the threaded nozzle of the tap clockwise between twelve and fifteen times.  Then re-thread the plastic coupling back on to the…

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How to look after your boiler in the summer

Your heating system should be left on constant and the room stat turned down to 10 degrees.

That way if the weather becomes unseasonably cold, the house will maintain a reasonable minimum temperature.  All radiator valves should be left open.  This is because a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) that has been switched off for six months…

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Plumbing services in central London

As one of the leading plumbing and heating firms in London, we’re well-versed in gauging what our clients want to know – here’s our guide how to disconnect (and change) a washing machine quickly and safely without any complications.

There are four very important things to remember.

  1. If it is a new machine, there will be travel bolts in place at the rear of the appliance. It is very important to remove them all. Move the old machine out far enough so that you can…

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Carbon Monoxide Reminder From Fire Crews

Fire safety officers are reminding the public about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Crews were called out to a house in Douglas, Isle of Man on 17th April where a carbon monoxide detector had been triggered.

The alarm had been set off by blow back caused by an oil fired Aga…

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