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Plumbing services

First hour £85 plus VAT then by the half hour after that £4250 plus VAT

Plumbing services

£12750 plus VAT

Open Flue Boiler Service

£120 plus VAT

Horizontal/Balanced Flue Boiler Service

£100 plus VAT

Landlord's Certificates

£85 plus VAT

Landlord's Certificates

£15 plus VAT

AGA Service

£160 plus VAT

Rayburn Service

£240 plus VAT

Gas and Heating

£2,000 - £3, 000

Here are some guide times for a number of typical jobs that might need doing.

Even the seemingly simple jobs sometimes turn in to monster jobs! These problems are often caused because the obvious problem masks another more serious one. Other issues are difficulties in gaining access to do the job or problems isolating the water so that the job can be done.
Our policy is to keep you informed if a simple job looks as if it will turn into something that takes much more time and effort.

Outside Tap Installations

2 hours

Gas Hob Installations

2 hours (corgi registered work)

Kitchen Sink Installations

2 - 3 hours

Washbasin Replacements

2 - 3 hours

WC Replacements

2 - 3 hours

Radiator Replacements

2 hours

Dishwasher Replacements

1 hour

Boilers Repairs

2 - 3 hours

Taps Repairs

2 hours

WC Blockages

1 hour

Sink Blockages

1 hour

Please note:

We work on an hourly rate. The total charge to you will be the time spent by our team to do the work. It will include all reasonable time spent in obtaining materials. Parts and materials supplied by us are charged at the trade price plus 30% handling charge. Parts carried by us are priced from our standard price list. After the first hour, we charge by the half hour. Prices do not include VAT. Please ensure that you can pay us when we finish the job. We accept cheques, credit and debit cards except for Diners. Unfortunately, we have to charge for parking and the congestion charge fees in this zone. Please note our Terms and Conditions before calling us out.