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A small West London-based professional plumbing and heating company, is seeking to expand and needs a sub-contract plumbing and heating engineer to work as part of a team providing a design, installation and fault-finding and fault-diagnosis service to existing discerning clients and prospective customers.


Please send your CV and breakdown of qualifications to

If you are looking for information on plumbing apprenticeships you can find out more by visiting our plumbing apprenticeships guide.

Candidates must hold a minimum Level 2 NVQ qualification (or equivalent) and have a minimum of 5 years proven post-qualification practical experience. Prospective candidates must also be competent Gas operatives and be on the Gas Safe Register.

Essential ACS requirements are: Part L, CCN1, CKR1, HTR1, WAT1, CEN1 and CPA1. It would also be advantageous to hold the CKHB1 although this is not essential. Candidates should also be able to work on unvented systems and hold a current license to operate.

As this job requires extensive knowledge and application of Health and Safety legislation and Building Regulations; the ability to understand and converse fluently in English and maths. This is essential.

Prospective candidates should be able to prove they have the right to work in the UK and hold both a current UK passport and a current UK Full Driving License.

You should be able to provide three references.

We will also be asking you to complete a police CRB check.


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