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Gas & Landlords

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Gas & Landlords

All gas appliances in a tenanted property must be checked for gas safety every 12 months or when a new tenant moves in. This is the Law in the UK.

Our gas safe engineers will carry out the required safety certification for you as well as completing any other work for you at the same time. We are happy to have keys sent to our offices to make things as easy as we can. We will:

  • Arrive at the arranged time or keep you informed of any delays
  • Treat your property with respect, leaving it in as clean and tidy a state as possible
  • We charge honest prices and only for the work which needs to be carried out (unlike may other companies in the sector)
  • Work to Gas Safe (Corgi Registered) regulations putting your safety first
  • We will be as much help as we can

Other Services

Gas Safety Certificates

All gas appliances in a landlord-owned property, which is rented out, must be checked for gas safety every 12 months.

Our engineers will carry out the required safety checks on all the gas appliances and issue you with a “Landlord Gas Safety Record Form” (Certificate). A copy must be given to the tenant in the property and especially to new tenants before they are about to occupy any premises. Landlords must keep their copies for two years.

This is not a pass or fail certificate but one that records the state of the gas appliances and pipework.

If we find any defects, we will need the Landlord’s authorisation to do the remedial work so that we can record that remedial action has been taken and that the premises and the appliance are safe.

Contact us today for a gas safety consultation.

Riddor (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013)

We are obliged to report dangerous gas situations to the Health and Safety Executive. We are also obliged to disconnect any appliances that we believe to be dangerous. These situations are where:

  • there has been a design, construction, installation, modification or maintenance fault that is liable to result in an escape of gas,
  • improper combustion or the products of combustion not being safely discharged to the outside atmosphere
  • a fault that is or is likely to cause death or major injury

Contact us today for a gas safety consultation.

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Reviews From Clients

Sam Smith

2 years ago

From first appointment to check the boiler and subsequent service these guys have been fantastic. Nathan really helpful and genuine - such a relief to find a reliable, honest business with fantastic employees.Thanks - highly recommended.

F Bentley

2 years ago

I want to say a thank you to Fergus for his work today. He is reallyconsiderate: arrived promptly to service the boiler and fixed the tapwrongly fitted by a previous employee. We are so grateful for his excellent workThis is why we come back to Staunch and Flow.


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