AGA Cooker Firm Eyes International Growth

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The company behind the iconic range of AGA cookers has posted a 3% drop in revenues, but has insisted that it can return to pre-depression levels of trade. AGA Rangemaster is hoping that at least 50% of its profit can be gained from overseas markets, compared to the 37% last year, as it believes

London Plumbers Report Significant Rise In Metal Thefts

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Plumbers in London are reporting a significant rise in metal thefts as the government considers a bill to help tackle the problem. The legislation, which plans to introduce a compulsory licensing scheme for metal dealers has already suffered a record 11 defeats in the House of Lords already. Measures to tackle the ever-growing issue

Carbon Monoxide Reminder From Fire Crews

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Fire safety officers are reminding the public about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Crews were called out to a house in Douglas, Isle of Man on 17th April where a carbon monoxide detector had been triggered. The alarm had been set off by blow back caused by an oil fired Aga cooker. The occupant

Plumbing services in central London

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As one of the leading plumbing and heating firms in London, we’re well-versed in gauging what our clients want to know – here’s our guide how to disconnect (and change) a washing machine quickly and safely without any complications. There are four very important things to remember. If it is a new machine, there

How to look after your boiler in the summer

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Your heating system should be left on constant and the room stat turned down to 10 degrees. That way if the weather becomes unseasonably cold, the house will maintain a reasonable minimum temperature.  All radiator valves should be left open.  This is because a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) that has been switched off for

Save Water In The Garden

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It’s time to ensure that your garden tap is completely switched off and not leaking. Make a visit to your local plumbing merchant and get a roll of PTFE tape and some insulation.  Wrap the tape around the threaded nozzle of the tap clockwise between twelve and fifteen times.  Then re-thread the plastic coupling