How to look after your boiler in the summer

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Your heating system should leave on constant, and the room stat turned down to 10 degrees. That way if the weather becomes unseasonably cold, the house will maintain a reasonable minimum temperature.  All radiator valves should be left open.  This is because a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) that has been switched off for six months

Save Water In The Garden

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Make a visit to your local plumbing merchant and get a roll of PTFE tape and some insulation. Wrap the tape around the threaded nozzle of the tap clockwise between twelve and fifteen times. Then re-thread the plastic coupling back on to the nozzle of the tap. This will stop the joint dripping all year

Emergency Plumbing

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Plumbing Emergencies and how to prevent them Leaks and floods… If hot or cold water starts flooding out of any pipework, then turn off your stopcock immediately (clockwise). The stopcock won’t instantly stop the leak is fed by a cold-water tank in the loft or from a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. However,

What to look for in a good plumber

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It is very important to organise trades before you need them. This way when water is coming through your ceiling you know the right person to call in an emergency. It’s important to speak to the company to find out what sort of qualifications the engineers have and to make sure they all have insurance.

Buying a bathroom suite

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Baths Size and Shape of Bath  On the whole, the longer the bath, the more comfortable it will be. But remember that bigger baths use more water, which will cost more in the long run, both financially and ecologically. Be careful that the bath you buy is not so bulky it won’t get through the

Purchasing a Shower

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Showers are increasingly proving to be a popular form of improving one’s home and its facilities. With energy efficiency being an important consideration in any home, a bathing experience, which uses less water than a conventional bath, is a more eco-friendly option. The two most important elements in the purchase of a shower that will

Showers, flow and control

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With an abundance of shower types on the market, it is important for the consumer to recognise what type of hot and cold system is in the property where the shower is to be installed. There are two hot and cold systems: Low-pressure systems These systems can be recognised usually by a cold water storage

Showers – choosing a tray and door

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There are three types of shower tray – steel, stone resin and acrylic. Although acrylic are the cheapest and lightest in weight, they do have a tendency to move in situ. Stone resin are the most popular. They sometimes come with a tiling upstand, which helps prevent leakage. Steel shower trays tend to be used