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About Staunch and Flow Plumbing Services

The Staunch and Flow plumbing team in London have a substantial depth of knowledge and years of accumulated experience and ongoing product training across every area of plumbing. There’s even a trained architectural technologist in the team. We can take care of everything from replacing tap washers, shower cartridges to refurbishing and re-designing kitchens and bathrooms installations. We can fix low water pressure issuesshower pump faultselectric shower faults, and work on boilers and all heating systems. From time to time, we also run a plumbing course for complete beginners, to give our clients the ability to save some time and money by learning to fix the basics for themselves.

Staunch and Flow will always aim to:

  • Arrive at the arranged time or keep you informed of any delays
  • Explain what the problem is and how we intend to fix it
  • Treat your property with respect, leaving it in as clean and tidy a state as possible
  • Provide you with all replaced or removed parts from your system
  • Charge honest prices and only for the work which needs to be carried out
  • Be as much help as we can

Experienced & Qualified Plumbers

We have experienced London plumbers who are able to tackle domestic and commercial plumbing jobs. Call us today for friendly advice on our plumbing services.

All of our plumbers in London are on a salary and will do the best job they can for you. We endeavour to keep our estimates low by doing only the necessary work and replacing only parts that are defective or broken.

We Also Offer:

Our plumbers will arrive at the arranged time or keep you informed of any delays. As fully-qualified Gas Safe engineers, they’re highly capable professionals who care about doing the best possible job for our customers.

London Plumbing Surveys

Have you considered getting a detailed plumbing survey done before buying a new home? Most surveyors are not trained to assess the standard of installation and potential for problems in a home’s plumbing systems.

We often find that clients who are thinking of buying a house do not take into account the hidden costs associated with an antiquated plumbing system that they might inherit. People now want power showers and other devices that may not work properly in older installations. The cost of overhauling a worn-out system can be substantial.

We can undertake a detailed survey of the plumbing system producing a full report with recommendations. We will also be able to discuss changes that the new householder may want to make and give ideas on how feasible these ideas are and how much this might cost.

Stephen Goss, one of our senior plumbers, has been a plumber for more than 35 years and now teaches plumbing as well as working with Staunch and Flow. He has seen it all – and can spot potential problems quickly and efficiently.

See our rates or contact us today for a friendly chat about our London plumbing services and find a local plumber near you.

Consultancy for Designers and Architects

Sam Kershaw, one our senior plumbers, has been a plumber for more than a decade. He is fully qualified to advise on plumbing and heating design and is the lead estimator on our team. Design consultancy is £85/hour.

No Call Out Charge Or Other Hidden Charges

No Call Out Charge Or Other Hidden Charges

Same Day Emergency Response For London

Same Day Emergency Response For London

Free Estimates For Planned Larger Jobs

Free Estimates For Planned Larger Jobs

We Are Just A Call Away On 0208 964 6710

We Are Just A Call Away On 0208 964 6710

Reviews From Clients

Jayne Paterson

2 years ago

Kyle is a very personable and polite young engineer. Very efficient in locating the problem and promptly went to purchase the parts needed and did the job in no time at all!!!! Very pleased with his visit!PS: The response from the office was quick and efficient and follow up by Michelle was terrific!


Bayan Northcott

5 years ago

I had the good luck to discover Lloyd's exceptional skills as a plumber some years before he joined Staunch and Flow - but with his European-wide activities as a freelance, he could sometimes be difficult to get hold off. Now that he is readily available via Staunch and Flow's friendly and efficient administration, I feel luckier than ever. No problem seems to defeat his knowledge and ingenuity, no emergency to phase his good humour. And he always explains clearly so that one can cope with greater confidence in the future - indeed, I've learned more about the mysteries of plumbing from Lloyd in the last few years than I ever knew in the previous seven decades of my existence!



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Save Water In The Garden

Make a visit to your local plumbing merchant and get a roll of PTFE tape and some insulation. Wrap the tape around the threaded nozzle of the tap clockwise between twelve and fifteen times. Then re-thread the plastic coupling back on to the nozzle of the tap. This will stop the joint dripping all year…

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Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing Emergencies and how to prevent them Leaks and floods… If hot or cold water starts flooding out of any pipework, then turn off your stopcock immediately (clockwise). The stopcock won’t instantly stop the leak is fed by a cold-water tank in the loft or from a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. However,…

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