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Plumber near me in South-West London

Got a problem with your plumbing? Whether it’s servicing your Aga/Rayburn stove, installing a new boiler or undertaking a complete kitchen or bathroom makeover, Staunch and Flow have got you covered, wherever you are in South West London – from Richmond to Twickenham, Hounslow to Hillingdon and throughout Feltham, Kingston, Surbiton and beyond.

Our qualified, expert Gas Safe, Vaillant Advanced installers and Aga/Rayburn-accredited engineers are prompt, polite, helpful and efficient – they’ll leave no option unexplored to solve whatever issue you raise, and they’ll treat you and your home with respect.

On top of that, we guarantee our work for 12 months, and we provide an estimate for every job in advance – there’s no call-out charge – so you know what your costs will be.

A typical plumbing job can entail a visit where the problem is assessed and we endeavour to fix it – if it requires standard parts which we carry on the engineer’s van, or if we are aware of the particular parts needed and can obtain them in advance, it could be that simple.

In other cases, depending on the nature of the job, the first visit might be largely a consultation and exploration of the nature of the problem; then we would work out what parts are needed and how long it’ll take to fit them and complete the work and you’ll be given a full estimate – usually this happens straight away, but could take us up to 24 hours, If it’s urgent, we’ll try to produce some sort of temporary solution, and if you’re happy with our estimate, we’ll get back to finish the job as soon as we’ve got the necessary parts.

Our particular areas of expertise include servicing and repairing Aga and Vaillant appliances, boiler installation, and every aspect of home refurbishment with our dedicated building teams, electricians, tilers, joiners, painters, not to mention plumbers! If you need a kitchen or bathroom refreshed, refurbished or repaired anywhere in South West London, why not give us a call on 020-8964 6710?