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Expert, Friendly and FastLondon PlumbersTo Assist You, FastWe’ll Make Straightforward Repairs Straight Away or Locate the Problem and Lock Down Your Costs ImmediatelyEmail Us At: info@staunchandflow.co.ukCheck Our Rates

How To Bleed
Your Radiator

Bleeding your radiator is a relatively simple operation, but be sure to follow all the steps carefully.

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How To BleedYour RadiatorBleeding your radiator is a relatively simple operation, but be sure to follow all the steps carefully.View Guide

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We Offer Carpentry, Plastering, Tiling, Decorating, Design Assistance, General Building Services and Much More.

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Building ServicesTimely, Efficient and Fair Expert WorkWe Offer Carpentry, Plastering, Tiling, Decorating, Design Assistance, General Building Services and Much More.View Gallery
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Reviews From Clients

Suzanne Press

3 years ago

I was relieved that one engineer was able to service my boiler as well as my gas fireplaces, of which one had been disconnected. Plenty of chimney flare tests were made to double check the chimneys were drawing the fumes out well. Also the gas connections to the fireplaces were inspected and cleaned. The cost of what I required was not exorbenant. Suzanne Press


Bayan Northcott

5 years ago

I had the good luck to discover Lloyd's exceptional skills as a plumber some years before he joined Staunch and Flow - but with his European-wide activities as a freelance, he could sometimes be difficult to get hold off. Now that he is readily available via Staunch and Flow's friendly and efficient administration, I feel luckier than ever. No problem seems to defeat his knowledge and ingenuity, no emergency to phase his good humour. And he always explains clearly so that one can cope with greater confidence in the future - indeed, I've learned more about the mysteries of plumbing from Lloyd in the last few years than I ever knew in the previous seven decades of my existence!



How to look after your boiler in the summer

Your heating system should leave on constant, and the room stat turned down to 10 degrees. That way if the weather becomes unseasonably cold, the house will maintain a reasonable minimum temperature.  All radiator valves should be left open.  This is because a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) that has been switched off for six months…

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Save Water In The Garden

Make a visit to your local plumbing merchant and get a roll of PTFE tape and some insulation. Wrap the tape around the threaded nozzle of the tap clockwise between twelve and fifteen times. Then re-thread the plastic coupling back on to the nozzle of the tap. This will stop the joint dripping all year…

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Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing Emergencies and how to prevent them Leaks and floods… If hot or cold water starts flooding out of any pipework, then turn off your stopcock immediately (clockwise). The stopcock won’t instantly stop the leak is fed by a cold-water tank in the loft or from a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. However,…

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Finding a reliable local plumber in London is often fraught with challenges surrounding prices, call out charges and unexpected costs especially when the plumbing situation is an emergency. At Staunch and Flow we pride ourselves as expert London plumbers, we ensure that our customers receive the very best service from our highly qualified team. We understand and can fix all manner of plumbing issues. More importantly we know how these problems can affect yours or your families lives if they aren’t resolved quickly and efficiently, we are here to help.

Our pricing is transparent and worked out on a competitive hourly rate with no call out costs and hidden fees. For more intricate and larger projects we will assess the job on a case by case basis with a full breakdown, whatever the job we keep our pricing clear and fair. For more details please visit our rates page.

We are a London Plumber that do things a little differently, instead of rushed temporary jobs we ensure that we our top priority is and always will be our focus on the detail. The most important detail, of course is re-established proper flow by rectifying the issues at hand quickly and efficiently, avoiding repeat incidents. We are very proud of our expert team of London Plumbers that is comprised of most capable, fully qualified plumbing and heating engineers. All of our team have received advanced training and certifications (including gas safe registration), ensuring that we continue to bring the finest service to our customers. We are always happy for our customers to get in touch with us, you can be sure that you will receive comprehensive fixes and support from some of the most capable local plumbers in London.

Whilst we understand and fix all manner of plumbing heating and issues that can leave you feeling stranded in your own home, we also ensure that we take the time to explain and discuss the issue and how we remedy the situation with our customers. Unlike some other companies we make sure that our work is unbeatable but so is our customer support. You won’t find a more friendly, expert London plumber more quickly.

Whilst we are a trusted local plumber specialising in heating, boiler, taps and general plumbing work our range of services is not limited to these jobs. We also specialise in high quality building services including; refitting and refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms, electrical work, tiling, decorating and all other building work. All of which are overseen by our architectural technologist and interior designer from the smallest additions to whole home refits.
We are a team of trusted, professionally accredited local London Plumbers who respond quickly and provide lasting solutions, if you have plumbing or building work that needs doing please get in touch!

No Call Out Charge Or Other Hidden Charges

No Call Out Charge Or Other Hidden Charges

Same Day Emergency Response For London

Same Day Emergency Response For London

Free Estimates For Planned Larger Jobs

Free Estimates For Planned Larger Jobs

We Are Just A Call Away On 0208 964 6710

We Are Just A Call Away On 0208 964 6710

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Plumbing is a wonderful thing which allows us to live lives of such great comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, as with most good things, plumbing sometimes encounters problems, and fixing them can be a costly task. As experienced London plumbers, we’ve come across every imaginable plumbing problem on countless occasions, so here we’ve compiled a few…

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