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Eco Services

It is easily possible to save a lot of money on your heating and hot water by taking some simple and efficient steps.

Get us round to give you a consultation from updating the room stat to replacing your boiler with a modern condensing boiler or even modernising the whole system with solar panels and heat pumps. We will help with everything from explaining the grant system to the final installation. Staunch and Flow will:

  • Arrive at the arranged time or keep you informed of any delays
  • Treat your property with respect, leaving it in as clean and tidy a state as possible
  • Provide you with all the options
  • We charge honest prices and only for the work which needs to be carried out (unlike many other companies in the sector)
  • We will be as much help as we can

Other Services

+ Air Source Heat Pumps

Living in central London, the only heat pump that Staunch and Flow recommends is the Air to water heat pump.

Take the latent heat out of the atmosphere to heat your home.

Air source heat pumps remove the heat from the atmosphere. This in turn is used to heat your under floor system, radiators or air convectors as well as the hot water in your home.

How do air source heat pumps work

Air source heat pumps create heat the same way as a bicycle pump creates heat. If you put your thumb over the end off a bicycle pump. When you apply pressure on the pump, your thumb will start to burn under the heat produced. This is the same way a fridge works but in reverse. The air source heat pump will still work in temperatures down to –15.

Heat pumps do need some electricity to work. However it is only a small pump. This is nothing like the energy used in a conventional boiler.

Unlike gas or oil boilers, heat pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods. Thus in the winter they might have to be on 24/7. This has two major effects:

  • Your heating is on all the time. It is very unnatural for the body to change temperatures all the time, as with conventional heating. This is most noticeable on winter mornings when a sudden change of temperature can wake people up. It is much more natural for the house to be at a constant temperature of 19 – 21.
  • As a consequence of the temperature being much lower, the radiator temperature is also much lower. This is fine and happens because the heat output from your radiators has been designed to be of a certain temperature output. As a result larger radiators may need to be installed to compensate. Under floor heating is ideal for Air source heat pumps which give out heat at lower temperatures over longer periods of time, as well as fan assisted heat convectors.
  • Lower fuel bills than Gas, Oil and especially if you are using conventional electric heating.

The benefits of Air source heat pumps

  • It will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • No fuel deliveries required. As the air is the heat source.
  • As apposed to a conventional boiler. A heat pump has very little moving parts. So very little to go wrong and very little to maintain.

Is an air source heat pump suitable for my home? And how much will all this work cost

To tell if an air source heat pump is right for you, there are a few key questions to consider:

  • Do you have a garden to put it in?
  • Is your house well insulated?
  • What sort of radiators / under floor heating do you have?

Costs for installing a typical system in a three-bedroom house range from about £7,000 to £11,000 including installation.

To reduce your home’s CO2 emissions further, consider using solar heating to provide low carbon hot water in the summer months.

Who are we?

Staunch and Flow are a plumber London company providing complete boiler and plumbing services to customers looking for West London plumbers.

+ Solar Thermal

We are experts in Solar heating Installations and are both Worcester Bosch and Valliant registered installers. Imagine harnessing the warmth and energy of the sun so that it provides you with cheap hot water, reduces your energy bills, and makes your home more environmentally friendly.

By installing solar panels on the roof of your home, it is possible. The solar system works alongside your existing boiler.

Solar hot water (also called solar thermal) is the most widely adopted form of domestic renewable energy.

Solar for London, launched by Mayor Ken Livingstone in June 2003, is a major initiative aimed at bringing affordable solar water heating systems into London homes. With more grants available now than ever before there has never been a better time to install a solar water heating system.

Call Solar for London now (020 7820 3156) to find out how much your borough is offering towards a solar water heating system!

Some of the 31 London Boroughs who have signed up as partners to Solar for London are offering Solar Rewards up to £1,500 (cash discounts) and the Department of Trade and Industry is offering grants of £400 through their Low Carbon Buildings programme.

Further information and application forms can be found on www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk or by calling 0800 915 0990.

Contact us for advice and for friendly advice on solar heating installations.

+ Wood Chip Boilers

Keeping your home, office or factory heated efficiently is an ever increasing concern across the UK. With the governments focus on energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources, it is now possible to employ inefficient heating systems with eco friendly solutions, including wood burning boilers.

Staunch and Flow are specialists in the supply and installation of eco friendly heating solutions using wood burning boilers. Our range of biomass boilers are designed to be efficient based on your average level of consumption, so depending on your usage we will be able to advise an appropriate system for you. Whether its one of our wood pellet boilers, or wood chip boiler we are confident that the cost saving you can make will speak for itself.

To find out more about our services and wood burning boilers range, simply browse our website for more information. Alternatively, call our team to find out more about wood pellet boiler prices for fuel types, installations, and also the cost savings you can make.

For more information on your wood chip boiler services, visit us at http://www.woodburningboilers.org.uk/

*Government Incentives are currently available so call us today to find out if you are eligible*

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No Call Out Charge Or Other Hidden Charges

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Same Day Emergency Response For London

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We Are Just A Call Away On 0208 964 6710

Reviews From Clients

Andrew Davison

6 years ago

S&F arrived promptly, assessed the work sensibly and told us what would be needed with a reasonable estimate. They then did the job fairly and efficiently and the problem has been cured.Pleasant man to have around who got on with the job


Penny Calder

5 years ago

Have recently been on one of the excellent S&F plumbing courses (highly recommended), so I knew when the saniflow got blocked and started leaking it wasn't a problem I could easily solve. Sam turned up v speedily and checked it all out. The saniflow had been boxed in but Sam removed the boxing and replaced it v carefully so you'd never know it had been disturbed. He also kindly solved a long standing problem with a leaking overflow/ball valve issue in the loft even though that wasn't what we'd called him out for. Much appreciated.



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