Key Things to Consider When Installing a New Bathroom

For many people, upgrading any part of our home is an exciting venture. Whilst it may be a little messy in the process, we dream of what our new room will look like and how it will improve our home life. As plumbers in London, we know that installing a new bathroom suite is more complex, and usually more expensive, than simply adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls and buying a new piece of furniture, so you want to be sure it’s done properly. Here’s Staunch and Flow’s list of top factors to consider when renovating your bathroom.


Although the purpose of the bathroom is almost entirely practical, most people are still keen for it to look great. There are many stylish designs out there, but bear in mind that fashion trends come and go quite quickly, and when ‘splashing out’ on a new bathroom you want to make sure it will outlive these fleeting trends and last for years to come.

When choosing your new bathroom suite, as well as tiles, flooring and other aspects, it’s worth taking into account the interior style of your home as a whole; if the other rooms follow a more traditional style, an ultra-modern bathroom could look a little out of place, but if your home has a contemporary feel then this could fit perfectly.


This largely depends on who is living in the property and personal preferences. If you have young children, you’ll probably want to include a bath, whereas a couple may not make much use of a bath. If you’re a couple fighting to use the bathroom at the same time in the mornings, then a double sink set-up could prove very useful. Of course, if you have special access requirements such as disabled facilities, these need to come top of the priorities list.


Chances are, your dream bathroom includes a grand suite that you simply don’t have space for. Using the space well and efficiently is an important aspect of planning, and how exactly you execute this will depend largely on your requirements. If you want to give the room a spacious feel and have little desire to install a bath, then a large walk-in shower could be a great option. On the contrary, if you’re particularly keen to install a bath but have limited space, then a smaller space-saving bath might be the solution. In any case, thinking specifically about what you want and need and planning carefully is essential.


As London plumbers, this is obviously our priority. In any case, there’s little use in having a stunning bathroom if you can’t wash in it. Always use a reputable plumber who has experience working with a wide range of suites and systems, so you can guarantee that everything will work as planned. A good plumber will discuss all options with you, address issues such as plumbing constrains and, of course, work at a sensible price. Visit our bathroom installations page to find out more, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.