Carbon Monoxide Reminder From Fire Crews

Fire safety officers are reminding the public about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Crews were called out to a house in Douglas, Isle of Man on 17th April where a carbon monoxide detector had been triggered.

The alarm had been set off by blowback caused by an oil fired Aga cooker. The occupant of the property wasn’t harmed, but the incident highlights the importance of having your Aga cooker serviced.

Oil burners, gas applications, cookers and fireplaces should all be checked regularly to ensure they don’t pose a carbon monoxide poisoning risk and Aga specifically recommends that their cookers undergo an Aga service at least once a year.

It is important to remember that if you’re going to have your Aga cooker serviced by Aga service engineers that you should turn it off 24 hours in advance of the service for an engineer to work on it.

Fire safety officers are also urging anyone with carbon burning appliances in their home to ensure that they have an alarm fitted to detect any potential carbon links.