Learning how to use an AGA cooker

Learning to use an AGA cooker is a different experience to most other ovens, but it can be easy to get the most out of your AGA.

One step to understand is that you may have to re-prioritise they way you cook. With a conventional cookers, the majority of the cooking process actually takes place on the hobs. However, with an AGA cooker the ovens themselves should be the primary facility.

Cooking on hotplates results in a greater loss of stored heat across the whole of the cooker because the cooker loses significantly more heat with the hob lids up. AGA ovens also perform better compared to other cookers because they cook more evenly and with less of a tendency to dry out the food being cooked.

Another significant factor to consider is that your cooker must have regular AGA services. Without this servicing, your AGA cooker might not be working optimally or it could start to break down without your knowledge.

To have your AGA cooker properly serviced, you must turn it off and allow it to cool down for 24 hours before the engineer arrives, so that they can work on it.

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